Scientific research field.               Developments of new cutting-edge peptide-based drugs and molecules with pharmacological, diagnostic and cosmetic interest.             Developments of biotechnological solutions for nanomedicine, by means of targeted nanoparticles releasing drugs and/or imaging compounds.             Peptide drug discovery, drug delivery system and optical imaging for tracking and diagnostics of pathways associated with pathology.              Cosmetics to medicine, currently covering skeletal biology, neurology, cardiovascular biology and oncology.               Design and synthesis of your custom peptides.
We are long last implicated in the important evolution of medical chemistry in the devilment of nanomedicine strategies for the encapsulation, controlled drug delivery and life imaging agents delivery for diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other pathologies. Our PhDs and science graduates, as well as our long-standing links to academia have enabled the development of cutting edge technologies that have found application from the pharmaceutical world into cosmetics.

In addition, we have great experience in the generation of peptides and are focused in the application of its capacities to launch a new generation of drugs.
About PeptidePharma

About us
PeptidePharma is a new Biotech Company emerged from the necessity to incorporate our research and pharmaceutical experience to the market.