Scientific research field.               Developments of new cutting-edge peptide-based drugs and molecules with pharmacological, diagnostic and cosmetic interest.             Developments of biotechnological solutions for nanomedicine, by means of targeted nanoparticles releasing drugs and/or imaging compounds.             Peptide drug discovery, drug delivery system and optical imaging for tracking and diagnostics of pathways associated with pathology.              Cosmetics to medicine, currently covering skeletal biology, neurology, cardiovascular biology and oncology.               Design and synthesis of your custom peptides.
A staff with decades of experience in peptides chemistry will help you with the design and synthesis of your custom peptides.

Solid and liquid-Phase peptides Synthesis

o  Large Scale Solid Phase peptides Synthesis (kg to mg)
o Multiple kg-synthesis of peptides in solution
o  Optimized strategies Fmoc-/ tert.Butyl, Boc-/Benzyl, Z-/ tert.Butyl
o  Native chemical ligation (NCL) for long peptides

Purification Techniques

o preparative HPLC(C18,C8,C4)
o conventional chromatography(CN,NH2)
o  ion exchange
o  gel chromatography
o  counter-current distribution
Our Technology
About us
We have profound expertise in small- and large-scale solid phase peptides synthesis using both Boc- and Fmoc strategies as well as in solution phase peptides synthesis.