Peptide Array
With our 96-well Peptide Synthesizer, we could synthesize 96 different peptides per run and offer you more economical custom peptide synthesis.

It is the fastest and most economical way to synthesize 96 different peptides, unbound, in a 96-well format. Each plate is individually tested for accuracy and can be used for epitope mapping, libraries, protein characterization and much more.
96 crude peptides per plate in 96-well format
2.5 - 50 umol (3.0 mg average for 2.5 umol of 12mer peptide)
Up to 20 amino acids in length, average 75% purity
Minimum order: 96 peptides
No cross contamination
3-4 weeks delivery
Price list for 5-30mer peptide ($/residue)
                     crude      desalt    75%     85%     95%      98%
1-4 mg             6            9.5       15        19.5      25         32.5
5-9 mg             7           11.5      18.5     24        30.5      40
10-19 mg         8           13.5      22        28.5     36         47.5
20-29 mg         9           15.5      25.5     33        41.5      55
30-39 mg        10          17.5      29        37.5     47         62.5
40-49 mg        11          19.5      32.5    42         52.5      70
50-59 mg        12           21.5     36        46.5     58         77.5
100 mg            18          35.5     57.5     72        59         120
In addition, we offer a full range of labeling and modification options, including:
   •Acetylation, amidation, biotinylation and formylation
   •Cyclizations: Single or multiple disulfi de bridges and head to tail (Lys-Asp and Lys-Glu)
   •Incorporation of chromophors (pNA)
   •Conjugation to a carrier protein
   •Incorporation of unusual amino acids
   •Acylation (lipopeptides)
   •Labeling with stable isotopes
   •Radiolabeling with 125I
   •Introduction of ester groups
   •Stabilizing modifi cations including PEGylation, N-methylated derivatives and reduced peptidesss   bonds
   •Incorporation of chelating moieties (DOTA, DPTA)
   •Very acid sensitive modifi cations (sulfated products, Boc)
Each peptide undergoes mass spectral quality control before shipment; purified peptides are shipped with MS & HPLC analysis data.
Peptide synthesis

Custom Services
PeptidePharma has the capacity for both small and large-scale peptide synthesis ranging from milligram to kilogram, including many modifications (cyclization, biotinylation, phosphorylation, and labeling with fluorescent dyes, etc.).
Scientific research field.               Developments of new cutting-edge peptide-based drugs and molecules with pharmacological, diagnostic and cosmetic interest.             Developments of biotechnological solutions for nanomedicine, by means of targeted nanoparticles releasing drugs and/or imaging compounds.             Peptide drug discovery, drug delivery system and optical imaging for tracking and diagnostics of pathways associated with pathology.              Cosmetics to medicine, currently covering skeletal biology, neurology, cardiovascular biology and oncology.               Design and synthesis of your custom peptides.                   
Peptide Synthesis
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