Scientific research field.               Developments of new cutting-edge peptide-based drugs and molecules with pharmacological, diagnostic and cosmetic interest.             Developments of biotechnological solutions for nanomedicine, by means of targeted nanoparticles releasing drugs and/or imaging compounds.             Peptide drug discovery, drug delivery system and optical imaging for tracking and diagnostics of pathways associated with pathology.              Cosmetics to medicine, currently covering skeletal biology, neurology, cardiovascular biology and oncology.               Design and synthesis of your custom peptides.
Our QC Instruments
o  Gas Chromatograph
o  Spectrophotometer
o  IC (Ion Chromatography)
o  KF Coulometer
o  AAA (Amino Acid Analyzer)
o  LC-MS


Every batch of bioactive peptidesss is provided with a COA (Certificate of Analysis).
A typical COA contains the following information:
o  Appearance
o  Solubility
o  Purity by gradient HPLC
o  Molecular Weight by M.S.
o  peptides content
o  Counter ion content
o  Water content
o  Residual organic solvent content
o  Endotoxin
We offer a full spectrum of services, including custom synthesis, process development, GMP manufacturing as well as catalog products:
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Pharmaceutical Peptides

We have established a complete quality control system that leads to manufacture of products of international standards. We guarantee the best available quality for all its peptides. Every products must conform to strict analytical specifications before sales and shipment. Of course, a specific analytical data sheet of each batch is sent with every product.
Quality Control

About us
Creative Peptides is specialized in the process development and the manufacturing of bioactive peptides and related products.
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