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Our technology

PeptidePharma has the capacity for both small and large-scale peptide synthesis

Our technology

We have profound expertise in small- and large-scale solid phase peptides synthesis using both Boc- and Fmoc strategies as well as in solution phase peptides synthesis.

A staff with decades of experience in peptides chemistry will help you with the design and synthesis of your custom peptides.

Solid and liquid-Phase peptides Synthesis

  • Large Scale Solid Phase peptides Synthesis (kg to mg)
  • Multiple kg-synthesis of peptides in solution
  • Optimized strategies Fmoc-/ tert.Butyl, Boc-/Benzyl, Z-/ tert.Butyl
  • Native chemical ligation (NCL) for long peptides

Purification Techniques

  • Preparative HPLC(C18,C8,C4)
  • Conventional chromatography(CN,NH2)
  • Ion exchange
  • Gel chromatography
  • counter-current distribution

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