Pharmaceutic peptides

PeptidePharma has an extensive pharmaceutics portfolio based on the peptides, biomimetic peptides and delivery system for therapeutic use.

Pharmaceutics area: the best portfolio

PeptidePharma acts at the forefront in developing cutting edge technologies that find application in the pharmaceutical world and translates these technologies to cosmetics.

Moreover, our product portfolio also includes an anti-caries peptide and peptides with adjuvant properties for vaccine purpose. PeptidePharma has various lines of investigation ongoing which will soon increase our catalogue of active peptides. The Company has filed a number of patent applications based on peptides with various therapeutics use.

The Company welcomes collaborative projects with biotechnology and pharmaceutical partners to develop new strategies for peptides, biomimetic peptides and delivery system for therapeutic use.

PeptidePharma has a highly skilled team of research and production scientists, product specialists and service engineer’s with unique experience in serving the scientific community.

PeptidePharma is unique in its level of knowledge of the peptide, biomimetic peptides and delivery system research and development markets, and offers experienced technical, sales and marketing support. The company sells direct to the end-user community.

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