Adjuvants Multiepitopic Peptides

Biomaterial constructed from self-assembled peptides received great attention as potential vaccine adjuvants. The constructed biomaterials could either be in the form of tubular, fibrillar or spherical nanostructure by utilizing the known aggregation properties (e.g., helical, β-sheet, etc.) of the selected peptides.

Adjuvants Peptides
Self-assembling peptides provided several advantages including multivalency, biological compatibility, multifunctionality, synthetic definition, molecular specificity and allow control over the nanoscale positioning of antigens. Therefore, developing a safe and effective adjuvant remains a challenge. Peptidepharma Nova have used the oligomerization strategy to develop a novo multimeric polypeptide which display adjuvant propriety platform. This self-assembled peptide-based adjuvant is currently under pre-clinical evaluation for our company. This discovery will provides useful insight into the development of a safe adjuvant system since it can be produced in a highly controlled manner.






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