Diagnostic Peptides

Peptides play an important role in the detection of diseases. Peptidedepharma Nova develops several peptides to improve disease diagnosis through the detection of biomarker peptides. Peptide sequences are determined by genes and are part of proteins or biomolecules present in different cells.

Diagnostic Peptides

Peptides of diverse structure and function are responsible for key cellular processes and are also implicated in many diseases. Studying protein function is the key for understanding diseases and for the discovery of new drugs for its treatment. Use of peptides as diagnostic tools enables simpler and faster testing procedures for fast and accurate diagnosis. The standard method for detecting antibodies i.e. ELISA uses diagnostic peptides.

Peptidepharma Nova also offers biomarker peptides that are epitopes of pathogens useful for rapid diagnosis by detecting antibodies as a response of antigens. Proteins that contain biomarkers exhibit changes in concentration and/or degradation in body fluids change that indicate disease.

Synthetic peptides have a great advantage compared to natural or recombinant biomolecules, which can also be used to detect antibodies, because they are produced in a highly reproducible manner and high purity standards, which is crucial for the commercialization of diagnostic kits using peptides.






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